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Discovering the Creative World of Studio 360° Bali

🌞 "Studio 360° Bali" is a brainchild of my creative vision. Known for my talents as a Hindi singer 🎤 and a photo & video model 📸 in Bali, I wanted to explore and showcase my creative side in a completely new and innovative light 🎇.

Throughout my career as a model, I had the chance to work with numerous professional photographers 📷, which led me to develop a profound understanding and passion 😍 for the art of photography. The captivating impact of 360° photography 🔄 particularly intrigued me - the way it could breathe life into a space and offer the viewer the sensation of truly being in the moment.

I've had the privilege of experiencing some of the most stunning and exclusive locales 🏝️ in Bali. It occurred to me that many of these spaces were only accessible to those lucky 🍀 enough to visit in person. I realized that by employing 360° photography 🔄 and virtual tours 🕹️, these breathtaking locations could be made accessible to a much larger audience 👥.

That's when the concept of "Studio 360° Bali" came into existence 🎉. Leveraging my understanding of space staging and presentation, combined with my passion for photography, I was able to put together an elite team of photographers and technicians 🔧. Our specialty lies in creating outstanding 360° photographs and virtual tours for a diverse range of clients, from luxurious villas 🏰, enchanting cafes ☕, to modern office spaces 🏢.

Under my guidance 🙋‍♀️, "Studio 360° Bali" has carved a niche for itself in the world of photography and virtual tours. It's the unique blend of my creative talents 🎨, my passion for photography 📷, and my desire to share the beauty of Bali that has given birth to a start-up that's on its way to revolutionize the way we experience and share spaces 🔄 Discovering the Creative World of Studio 360° Bali.




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