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The Sweetest 360° Photoshoot at Bali's Ice Cafe Leonardo Gelato 🍦🌐

Brrr... it's chilly in here! 🍦❄️ And no, we're not on a polar expedition - we've just finished a 360° photoshoot at Ice Cafe Leonardo Gelato, Bali! 📷🌐

Never before have our cameras had to resist the allure of such creamy, vibrant gelato! From stracciatella to sorbetto, it was a kaleidoscope of colors that made our lenses (and taste buds!) swoon. 🌈🍧

A funny thing happened while capturing the perfect shot - we almost started to see our breath! With all the panoramic spins, we're surprised we didn't create a snowstorm right there in the cafe! 🌬️🍨

We'll admit, we did sample a flavor or two... or ten. All in the name of quality control, of course! 👀👅 After all, how can we show you the essence of Leonardo Gelato without knowing just how dreamy that pistachio really is?

Stay tuned for the coolest 360° tour you've ever seen! It's going to be as refreshing as your favorite scoop on a sunny Bali day! 🏖️☀️🍨

The Sweetest 360° Photoshoot at Bali's Ice Cafe Leonardo Gelato.




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