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360° panoramic exterior view of Villa Sari Hills in Bali, surrounded by tropical vegetation.
Studio 360° Bali specializes in creating 360-degree panoramic tours

360° Studio


360 degree panoramic tours

Out Projects

Some of our current work in the field of 360° panorama photography in Bali

Exterior 360° shots of a Restaurant

Restaurant, Cafe

​360 degree panorama photography is particularly suitable for business areas where the customer would like to get an idea of the local conditions in advance. Impressive 360° shots of shops, restaurants, medical practices, conference locations or hotels create customer trust in advance and invite them to visit. The finished 360° recordings can be effortlessly integrated into your own website or into Google Maps. 360 degree insights into small shops can be realized from 500K, please contact me for an individual offer:

360° Photo in Action: "Using a 360° camera for a panoramic shot in a bustling café in Bali.
Why we?

We rely on the latest technology

Virtual Reality Headset Usage: "Individual experiencing a 360° Bali villa tour through a virtual reality headset, illustrating immersive technology.

Advantage #1


Advantage #2

Full 360° recordings:

Advantage #3

Extensive possibilities:

Panorama shots with a resolution of up to 18.5 megapixels deliver razor-sharp images and allow zooming down to the smallest detail

Incl. view vertically upwards and downwards. Easy integration with Google Maps and Google Street View.

From the individual recording of your business premises to the complete multimedia panorama tour through any number of rooms

Why 360° Photos

Why 360° photos?

360 degree panorama photos come very close to reality. They enable free movement in space and contribute to being able to experience a place in all directions. On the one hand, this is possible via mouse control on the screen, on the other hand, as an even more real experience with VR glasses for inserting a smartphone, such as the Google Cardboard or models made of plastic or with models that have their own display, such as the Oculus Rift. Or just look at Google Maps.

Our partners

Google partner for 360° photos in Bali
Partner with Acer company
Studio 360 Bali is a partner of Acer company
Partner with SanDisk
Aerial View of a Property: "Aerial 360° panorama showing the expansive layout of a property in Bali, with lush surroundings."


For shooting inquiries, orders and all other questions, please contact us using this contact form - we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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